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Manufacturing Process
Ring Roll Forging
Our forging products are a major part of large tunnel construction projects - in "sealed building method" of submarine tunnels, ground tunnels and subway constructions.
One of the largest forging rolling mills in the world is the 5000 millimeter ring roll mill in our Shigaraki plant.The mill can make one of the largest rings in the world: maximum 5000 millimeters in diameter, 1500 mm high and weighing 20 tons.
In addition, our most advanced forging systems make possible the manufacture of a variety of forging products.
Singularly operated automated ring rolling lines are used in mass production items and industrial robots are used in a variety of processes to help stabilize quality, minimize costs and improve the operating environment.

φ5000リングミル ディスクタイプリング

After the heat treatment, the forgings are finish-machined with NC lathes within the same facility assuring minimal transportation costs for our customers.
Therefore, our one-line-production-system, from forging through finish-machining, our advanced equipped facilities enable us to provide quality and stability while keeping costs at a minimum for our clients.
TMD-50/55N 大型NCターニング旋盤


Quality Inspection
Our dedication and spirit as an "Engineering Group", together with our research and knowledge, consistently supply quality products to various industries so as we are now able to venture into new areas, such as aircraft and nuclear power plant industries, always enforcing rigid quality control.
Our entire company is dedicated to achieving quality control through constant supervision of raw materials, temperature control, testing and inspection.
Our Design Section approaches the question of quality control aggressively, using the CAD System.
January 1999: lnternationl Quality Assurance,IS09002 certification.

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