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Why we are chosen as a forging supplier:
1. Outstanding accomplishments that make us a top runner in the world of ring forging.

We ring roll things that are so small they fit in your hand to ones as big as 25 tons. We also make rings larger than 5 meters in diameter as well as 1.6 meters high. The materials we use include alloy steels, copper,aluminum, titanium and non-ferrous metals.
Having begun in the mid 1950's, we have other 50 years of experience and knowledge in developing rolled forging. We have a high share in industrial markets such as ship building, construction machinery, bearing racers, aerospace and marine development.


2.We improve production efficienty with our one-line-production-systems.
Our one-line-production-system facilities from forging, heat treatement and machining improve the efficiency of each process for better quality, quicker delivery, and lower costs, all to help meet the requests of our customers. 2.一貫生産による効率化を図っています。

3.Certifications/Approvals from organizations and customers
Our high quality products, the control system of production processes and global environmental consciousness have been certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 as well as approved by NK, LR, DNV and other ship class qualifications.
Additionally, we have completed JIS Q9100 auditing, and have received excellent evaluations from our customers.
3.他では出来ない大型の鍛造も可能です 国内有数の施設

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