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Earth's Environment
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Earth's Environment
Clear water, abundant green, refreshing wind, that what we wish and pray
Fundamental Philosophy about Earth's Environment

With a philosophy of the respect for Earth's Environment, we make all efforts to practice business activities friendly to environment, society and mankind. While making efforts to realize the better environment, we aim at making our company to be wealthy by sufficiently protecting environment.

lS014001 Management System
The first "ISO14001" attestation in forged industry was acquired in 2001. ISO14001マネジメントシステム
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Registration Number: JQA-EM1346
Registration Date: 23 February 2001
Renewal Date : 1 April 2018
Applicable Facilities: Corporate office /plant, Shigaraki plant,Nagasaki plant

15 March 2001 article in the Nikkan-Kohgyou(Daily lndustriaI Newspaper) about what we are doing to help our Earth's Environment

●Article Summary

Ohmi Corporate office/plant,Shigaraki plant,Nagasaki plant receive IS0 14001 Certification.
Certified area:Manufacturing,machining and heat treatment of rolling forging,die and stamp forging,free forging,
Certifying Organization: Japan Quality Assurance(JQA), Ohmi is the first forging company to receive IS014001 certification

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Report on Environmental Protection Practices

"Environmental Treasure Box"on the Otsu City, Shiga prefecture Home Page presents an activity report of those companies which conduded the Environmental Protection Agreement with Otsu City. Environmental Treasure Box (Otsu City, Shiga)