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Message from Hiroyuki Sakamoto, President

Thanks to the warm support, Ohmi Press Works and Forging celebrated its 65 anniversary last year. The small forging shop started with 5 members, but now we have 260 employees in a company with a workforce of about employees. Our ring forgings can help you with a wide range of "Land, Ocean, and Sky," fields, which includes automobile, bullet train, construction machinery, oil drilling, ships, ocean development, wind power generation and aircraft.

As a term “Continuity and Progress", Ohmi Press Works and Forging focuses our efforts on the development of craftsmanship in the field, while promoting the renewal facilities, that does not rely on human resources, by labor saving, efficiency improvement, and homogenization.

Adapt to diversifying and continuous-change of customer needs.

No to fear the failure and challenge everything.

Accelerate all processes and works.
By focusing on these 3 points, Ohmi Press Works and Forging will continue to progress.

The movements of the world is extremely intense, and the changes of the surrounding environment of our company is becoming intense as well, but we will continue to strive to create a trust worthy company for the global environment, that pays attention to the "Quality and Safety" for the future with three spirits that lies in the land of Ohmi; ‘’"Good seller, Good buyer, and Good Society", also known as ‘Sanpo Yoshi’ (benefit for all three side).
We look forward for your assistance and support.

Ohmi Press Works and Forging Co., Ltd.
President Hiroyuki Sakamoto

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