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Privacy Policy

Ohmi Press Works & Forging Co.,Ltd. (hereafter Company) regards the protection of your information as the company's responsibility and shall protect and manage your information according to the following policy.

1.Company abides by Japanese law

Company abides by Japanese law regarding the protection of your personally identifiable information.

2.Obtaining and Use of Information

When Company obtains personally identifiable information, Company shall advise you of the purpose and the limited use of said information.

3.Limited use of information

Company shall make use of the personally identifiable information within the limitations outlined when the information is obtained.
Information, excluding personal data, shall be used for statistical and marketing purposes.
Company may record collected information in business transactions and inquiries.
lnformation shall be used only for to help Company better serve you.

4.Information control

Company shall strive to keep the obtained information updated and
Company shall also take security measures to keep the information from illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration, and/or disclosure. When any security measure is broken, Company shall immediately take
corrective and preventive actions.

5.Third Party Provision/Disclosure of Information

Company shall not provide or disclose your information to a third party unless Company receives your written permission for disclose at the time the information is obtained, subcontract transactions or such information is requested by law.

6.Measures for information disclosure or complaint

After confirmation of identity, Company shall take immediate action to your request of disclosing, revising, and/or deleting of the personal
identifiable information on file.
Iquiry or complaints about your information should be directed to the section to which you submitted the information.

7.Future continuous efforts

To maintain information properly, including revisions to this policy,
Company shall continuously practice to build and maintain a better internal organization through improving control methods and education of employees working with this information.

Customer service: Phone number:213-626-0300
Business hours: 9:30a.m.-5:30p.m. except Saturdays, Sundays,Holidays

Ohmi Press Works & Forging Co.,Ltd.
Hiroyuki Sakamoto, President

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