The Ring Creates Our Global Future

About usSupporting the World
with Forging Skill and Precision

Ohmi Press Works and Forging Co., Ltd. has been an industry leader of steel work domestically and internationally, specializing in ring forging and open die forging, while also developing improvements non-ferrous metal handling.
Our services extend to such diverse industries as automotive and railway vehicles, watercraft, aerospace, marine excavation, and wind power generation.

About us


Versatile production to meet a range of customer needs from small to large lots.

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Any size from small hand-sized rings up to large 5000mm outer-diameter rings.

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Expert knowledge and skill to craft perfect circles with high precision.

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Consistent production line integrated from forging to annealing, machining, and refining.

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Product Categories

Our technological developments serve a range of industries.

  • Watercraft

  • Construction Machinery

  • Oil & Gas

  • Bullet Trains

  • Aircraft

  • Automobiles

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