New Fields are Always on our Horizon

Our techniques of forging production have earned a well-established reputation.
We have received certified recognition by prominent businesses in automotive, watercraft, construction, and bearing industries as well as certification by various international maritime classification societies.
Furthermore, our accomplishments have opened doors to new industries through proactive research and development projects for fields such as aerospace and nuclear energy, while inspiring us to refine our standard of quality even further.


We manufacture engine components for large ships such as piston crowns and bearings.
For the production of such watercraft parts, we have received certification from international maritime classification societies.
*See Quality page for more details.

Construction Machinery

Construction machinery needs to stand up to extreme weather and harsh environments, so dependable high quality is essential.
Our bearings are manufactured with cutting-edge technology to achieve longer lasting durability and higher revolution speeds than other products.
We provide quality support to produce a variety of construction machinery.

Oil & Gas

We forge irregular and specialized products for a variety of oil well pipe couplings.

Bullet Trains

Our rigorous inspection of circularity and surface quality enables the extreme durability of the ring components that we produce for the bearings of bullet trains.
We hold about 70% of the forging market share for bullet train axle bearings.


Aircraft components require extreme durability that can be trusted to protect the lives of passengers. We produce critical parts such as rotary components for aircraft jet engines.


We produce parts for the machinery of automobiles such as final gears, bevel gears, and more.

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