Our accumulated knowledge and skill have made us a leading manufacturer in the ring forging industry.

There are a couple of reasons for our rise to the top of the industry.
First, our long history allowed us to acquire and gather experience and know-how while constantly working to optimize quality. And secondly, our craftsmen have given us the utmost support with exceptional skill.

Accumulated Knowledge

Gathering production data such as rolling speed, pressure, or temperature with respect to size and material is crucial to achieve optimal production.
Particularly for a process like heat treatment, which can dramatically change the properties of metals, such a body of knowledge makes a big difference in product quality.

Our true strength comes from the years of experience and know-how developed with consistent data collection.



Forging of Non-ferrous Metals

Beyond steel, we have also developed successful skills in forging non-ferrous materials such as copper, titanium, aluminum, and nickel alloy, which often have processing temperatures that are difficult to control.

  • CopperCopper
  • TitaniumTitanium
  • AluminumAluminum
  • Nickel AlloyNickel Alloy


Data and knowledge alone are not enough to make products with high accuracy. As temperatures change by season and even weather, the final adjustments are best left to the hands of our technicians.
A skilled technician can sense a 10-degree range of temperature change just by glancing at the color of the metal.
Such skills greatly facilitate smooth workflow and allow for stable quality across a variety of shapes and materials.



Ring Shapes

  • Drive gearDrive gear
  • Construction nodeConstruction node
  • Ball bearing inner raceBall bearing inner race
  • Transmission gearTransmission gear
  • Idler rimIdler rim
  • Tapered roller bearing inner raceTapered roller bearing inner race
  • GearGear
  • RCT(rotating end cap tapered roller bearing) outer raceRCT(rotating end cap tapered roller bearing) outer race
  • Spherical roller bearing inner raceSpherical roller bearing inner race
  • Tapered roller bearing outer raceTapered roller bearing outer race
  • FlangeFlange
  • Disc-type ringDisc-type ring
  • Transmission gearTransmission gear
  • JointJoint
  • SlingerSlinger
  • Pipe connectorPipe connector
  • Pipe connectorPipe connector
  • Ball bearing outer raceBall bearing outer race
  • Extra-long ringExtra-long ring
  • GearGear
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