About us

Supporting the World with Forging Skill and Precision

Since the dawn of our existence, human ingenuity has helped us to create new things.
Our creativity led to the exploration of using different materials and the introduction of iron brought dramatic change to our lives. Even today, steel remains a vital material for our ever-changing society.

As a pioneer of steel-handling technology, we have remained at the forefront of our industry domestically and internationally while improving techniques of non-ferrous metal handling as well.
Our services extend to a range of industries including automotive and railway vehicles, watercraft, aerospace, marine excavation, and wind power generation.
Moving forward, we are committed to continuing our involvement in the advancement of technologies for the seas, skies, and earth.

Our Strengths

We strive to satisfy our customers by taking on new challenges every day.

  • Excellent Quality

    From forging to processing and inspection, our production line is optimized for consistently stable quality. Our thorough inspection system also ensures product reliability.

  • Short Leadtime

    Our integrated production system reduces leadtime by cutting steps such as the transport of in-process items between processes. In the case of any production issues, the system allows easy recovery by immediately returning to the previous process for problem-solving. System integration also ensures on-time delivery for every order.

  • Cost Saving

    Our low-cost production is achieved by successful coordination between each process, and the shared goal of optimized efficiency across the whole production line.
    All-in-house production also minimizes transportation of in-process inventory between processes.

  • Multi-Product & Small Lot Production

    Our system provides integrated in-house production lines from forging and machining to non-destructive testing, which allows us to offer multi-product production and lots ranging from small to large.

About Rolled Ring Forging

Rolled ring forging is a technique where rolling components are used to rotate metal as the shape is formed.
The metal is formed into a ring shape, and is therefore called rolled ring forging.

Qualities of Rolled Ring Forging

Mechanical properties include very high strength as well as particular strength on the circumferential surface.
Exhibits limited distortion from heat treatment and strong dimensional accuracy.
Saves production costs due to more efficient use of stock material.

Forming Mechanism

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