One of the world’s largest rolling mills to shape your dreams

We produce a wide range of ring sizes from hand-sized pieces to 25-ton heavyweight pieces, 5-meter diameter pieces, or 1.6-meter tall pieces, with steel as well as a variety of non-ferrous materials such as copper, aluminum, titanium and more.
We first began working with rolled ring forging in the mid 1950s. Our expertise established over more than a half century has allowed us to develop large shares in fields such as watercraft, construction machinery, bearings, aerospace, and marine developments.

Large Ring Forging

High-quality integrated production even for large items

The 5000mm rolling mill at our Shigaraki factory produces bearings for large construction equipment and important components for various large plant facilities.
Our products are used in world-leading projects, such as excavating machines for marine tunnels, large ocean vessels, and wind power generators for renewable energy.
Our 15000t press will also open new possibilities for forging with more new materials.

We can also accommodate these large ring forging orders with our same in-house integrated production from machining to heat treatment.

φ5000 Ring Rolling Mill

15000t Hydraulic Press

φ4500 x 1500 Pit-Type Quenching Furnace

φ7000×3800 Oil Quenching Bath

Large NC Turning Lathe

4300mm Batch-Type Heating Furnace


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