A range of production lines each with advantages offered by the features of their distinct equipment.

To meet a diversity of needs, we’ve set up a number of production lines and systems at our factory locations. Every product is manufactured with the state-of-the-art facilities.
For mass-production, we operate automatic ring rolling lines. We also utilize industrial robots at times to help achieve stable quality, cost reduction, and an optimal work environment.

Fully-Automatic Production Line

Our main factory is equipped with a fully-automated production line featuring latest technologies such as industrial robot arms.

Main Factory Details

Semi-Automatic Production Line

Our Nagasaki factory features various semi-automatic lines for high-efficiency production of small to mid-size products.
Manual processes allow highly efficient items which are also consistently high in quality.

Nagasaki Factory Details

Large Item Production Line

Our Shigaraki factory is equipped with a production line to handle very large items as it features the largest facility in Japan.
Our integrated production system from forging to heat treatment and refining is even available for these oversized items.

Shigaraki Factory Details

Small-Lot Production

We offer flexibility for any lot size

We accommodate small-lot production for cases such as new product development, prototypes, and repairs.
We’ll support your development and help reduce your prototyping costs through our integrated production systems.

Large-Lot Production

Products made with consistent high quality at a low cost

The automated production lines at our main factory and Nagasaki factory are capable of high productivity, allowing us to offer high-quality production at a lower price.

Quality Control Details

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