We strive for efficiency through an integrated production system featuring the latest facilities and techniques

Our production line integrates everything from forging and annealing to machining and refining. By managing efficiency across every process, we can provide customers with quality products at a low cost and short leadtime.

01 Cutting

Stock is cut to size according to the final shape and amount expected to lose through production.

We apply the most effective cutting methods for various metals with equipment best suited to cut each material. Stock material is cut by weight, while factoring any potential loss in the forging and machining processes.

02 Forging


With strict control of time and temperature, our starting stock is heated up to the appropriate forming temperature. The heating temperature is determined by material type and weight.

Rolled Ring Forging

Our factories are equipped with the latest technology for quality production that utilizes the strengths of each machine.
Introducing fully-automatic ring mills and robotic devices, we continue improving quality, stability, and cost reduction while optimizing for an efficient work environment.
A total of 18 rolling mills gives us versatility to meet a range of needs from large-sized pieces to unique shapes, and large or small lot orders.


Closed Die Forging

In addition to opened die, we also manage a wide range of closed-die forging for various steels such as carbon, alloy and stainless, as well as other non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and titanium.
Our large hydraulic presses include 15000t, 8000t and 6000t sizes, as well as a combined production line featuring a ring rolling mill and large air hammer (NEWTON 30000E) to handle closed die forging orders.

Cogging Press

The cogging press is used to form long items by stretching cylindrical, square, and tubular metal stock by pressing vertically with top and bottom dies to achieve balanced distribution and structural integrity.

03 Heat Treatment

Structural integrity is achieved by heat treatment after forging.

We can accommodate large rings for heat treatment providing internal structural quality, even hardness, and minimal deformation through dedicated equipment such as a slewing device with designated fixture and an oil quenching bath equipped with spraying device.
At your request, we can also perform surface treatments such as shot blasting when suitable for the intended use of the product.

04 Machining

Integrated production also includes entirely in-house machining.

After heat treatment, we can also perform a variety of machining processes. From small to large rings, we provide quality machining to meet your request.
As the processes are completed within our factory, we can keep costs down by reducing in-process transport.
Equipped with the latest technology, our integrated in-house production system delivers stable quality as well as cost-efficiency for our customers.


Our inspections include tests such as dimension, appearance, non-destructive testing. Ultrasonic testing (UT), penetrant testing (PT) and magnetic particle testing (MT) are also conducted when necessary.

Quality Control Details

05 Shipping

Our own shipping system allows swift delivery, even for 4000mm diameter items.

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